Monday, September 21, 2020

New story on Wattpad!

Falling for the Influencer is a New Adult romance written especially for Wattpad. Each week I'll upload a new chapter (unedited so be kind) and I'll ask for my readers input along the way. You get to be a part of some of the decisions! The first chapter is available here!

Luna has always had a plan for her life. She planned to graduate high school, attend her dream college on the east coast, and get a degree in child development. Her life was carefully calculated and in order. A week after graduation, everything changes. Her financing for college falls through and her mother can't afford to pay for tuition. Luna is desperate for a solution so she reaches out to the one man she had vowed to never ask for help-her dad.

Now her dad wants to get to know her. He wants a father-daughter relationship with her. The deal is he'll pay for college, if she spends the summer with him on the west coast. She reluctantly agrees, hoping the next eight weeks of summer pass quickly so she can head off to start the rest of her life.

What she doesn't expect is the HOT guy next door.

His pool overlooks hers and she can't help but watch the constant activity at his house, the ten or so guys who live with him, and the revolving door of beautiful women that are over each night. She's written him off as a player, but then he sets his sights on her. Everything she thought she knew about him is questioned. Is it possible to find love when you're falling for an influencer?

You can read Falling for the Influencer HERE.

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