Friday, April 22, 2016

Mr. Tucker will be here next week!

Are you excited? I know I am. Here's a teaser to hold you over ;)

I'm getting too invested in this one-way relationship. I need to stop thinking with my vagina and use my brain. Mr. Tucker stirs something inside me and suddenly my hormones go crazy creating a chemical imbalance and all I want to do is fuck his brains out, only stopping when he's sated and I've come half a dozen times.

Maybe I've watched too many movies or read too many romance novels. Maybe a sexual experience like that, especially my first one, isn't even possible. But I have a vivid imagination and a healthy libido so a girl can dream. My expectations are high, I know that, but something tells me he's just the man to prove to me that multiple orgasms and ringing his cock out of every last drip is an attainable goal.

Mr. Tucker
© 2016 Justine Elvira

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Mr. Tucker Synopsis

*Warning: This book contains strong language and graphic sex between a teacher and his consenting student. It's hot and sexy smut at its finest. Mr. Tucker is recommended for mature readers 18 and over.

A senior bet.

Almost every school has one–a tradition that's passed down from year to year. My small school in Tennessee is no different. While some seniors at schools all across the country have senior pranks or senior ditch days, our school has the senior bet.

Lose your virginity by spring break–have proof–and you're in the running for Prom queen.

Does it sound ridiculous?

It absolutely is, but ridiculousness won't stop me from getting my Prom queen nomination. I've had plenty of opportunities to lose my V-card to one of the boys at my school, but I don't want to sleep with a high school boy. I want a man with experience. I want the man that's been starring in my wet dreams at night. I want my history teacher. I want Mr. Tucker.

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